Wavin Plastics Limited is the UK’s leading supplier of plastic pipes and fittings for water management and drainage to the building, construction and utilities markets.

Over 17,500 products are designed and produced under the Osma brand with 550 patents for a wide range of applications including above and below ground drainage, plumbing and heating, water management, and drinking water distribution.

Wavin Plastics is a division of the Wavin UK Group with a head office at Chippenham in Wiltshire.

UK manufacturing sites serving this division are at Chippenham and Brandon in Co. Durham (both for plastic pipe products), Hazelhead (for channel drainage systems) and Exeter (for underfloor heating systems).

AquaCell units used for soakaway construction or flood management by providing temporary underground storage.
Osma underfloor heating is suitable for all floor construction types in residential, commercial and public buildings.
Trigon is an innovative barrier pipe, allowing the safe transportation of potable water through contaminated land.
Osma non-entry inspection chamber provides access to plastic foul and surface water drainage down to 3m.
Osma PolyChannel provides the most efficient means of draining paved / hard surfaces, suitable for applications from residential to class E600 loading.

Wavin Plastics is committed to developing innovative Osma products and systems to deliver complete solutions to the building industry. In the areas of rain and storm water and clean and foul water, Wavin understands the market requirements and
responds to market needs by focusing on water and energy management.


In times of very heavy rainfall, the concentrated volume and velocity of surface water place excessive pressure on existing watercourses and local drainage infrastructure. There is an increased risk of flooding, both locally within developed areas,
and also downstream.

The majority of rain falling on natural, undeveloped land soaks into the ground and slowly infiltrates through to streams, rivers and groundwater. Whereas developed sites tend to provide impermeable surfaces, allowing the water to quickly run off into
drains and then into nearby streams and rivers increasing the risk of flooding significantly.

Wavin continues to develop innovative solutions to reduce and eliminate these risks. In line with government legislation regarding Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS), this can be achieved in two ways – temporary storage or infiltration.


Attenuation is the provision of temporary water storage of excess flows so that immediate outflow into streams and rivers is limited. This can be achieved by building an underground structure using the Osma AquaCell system wrapped in an impermeable


Using efficient soakaways to infiltrate storm water into the ground can be achieved by building an underground structure using the Osma AquaCell system wrapped in geotextile.


OSMA underfloor heating technology has been developed to suit all building construction types typically used in the UK – both concrete-based floors and timber floors. It provides innovative, cost-efficient solutions for all types of environment,
including residential, commercial and public buildings.

Compared with other forms of heating, advantages include:

  • All-round comfortable warmth
  • Unhindered room layout
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Healthier environment
  • Greater safety


The Osma product ranges offer established and innovative plastic drainage systems to provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to the civil and infrastructure market sector, including structured, walled UltraRib and Twinwall large diameter systems,
solid walled OsmaDrain, channel and land drainage and pressure pipes such as Trigon for water supply. This is an innovative, multi-layered polyethylene and aluminium barrier pipe system for the safe transportation of potable water through contaminated
land. Solutions for the building and installation market sectors include rainwater, soil and waste and flexible plumbing.


Wavin Plastics has been consistently preaching Egan Agenda principles and applying them in practice: working for sustainability on all fronts; applying single-minded customer focus; driving innovation; expanding training; encouraging best practice and
delivering better value and greater confidence to customers.

Furthermore, customer needs are fulfilled by delivering easy to use, cost effective products which work together, backed up by expert advice for design and installation.