Wavin Plastics, the UK’s leading provider of water management solutions, has a supporting role in a new BBC drama. A range of the company’s products have been supplied to the set of True Dare Kiss, which started on BBC 1 last week.

Wavin’s award winning sustainable urban drainage systems AquaCell and AquaCell Lite were both supplied as props, along with the company’s pervious paving system AquaGrid and OSMA drain pipe and inspection chambers.

Spokesperson for Wavin Plastics, Denise O’Leary, said: “The BBC’s design production team wanted to re-create a typical building site as one of their sets. You can often find OSMA products on a site which is why the team asked Wavin Plastics to help out with providing props. It’s always flattering to be asked for products for a BBC show – it shows that Wavin products are renowned in the industry!”

AquaCell and AquaCell Lite help developers effectively store or soakaway stormwater. When AquaCell or AquaCell Lite units are laid for infiltration, the complete structure or soakaway assembly is wrapped in geotextile to allow water to be released into the surrounding ground. When laid for attenuation, the storage tank is enclosed in geomembrane with a protective geotextile wrap, to retain water for re-use or controlled release into the drainage network.

Also supplied to the site is Wavin’s OSMA Tegra 600 non-entry inspection chambers which provide easy access to domestic and commercial drainage systems.
This innovative non-entry inspection chamber is a much safer and cost-effective alternative to traditional concrete ring manholes during installation and occupation.

“This is an extremely safe and easy-to-use inspection chamber that has recently gained BBA approval.” adds Denise.