Wavin Plastics’ sustainable urban drainage system, AquaCell Lite, is making a big impact on residential, commercial and industrial developments throughout the UK.

Less than 12 months after being launched, the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) approved innovation, designed to manage excessive rainfall and reduce the risk of flooding, is supporting a number of key projects across the country, including RAF Cosford, the Parsonage development in Devon, and a new homes estate in Coventry.

Regarded for its versatility and simple installation process, AquaCell Lite is specifically designed for non-trafficked applications such as parks, playing fields and domestic gardens.

AquaCell Lite is a polypropylene module that can be clipped together in single layers and pegged into multiple layers. Water is released at a controlled rate in a number of ways, including soakaways into the ground, public sewer systems or watercourses. The complete structure is wrapped in either a geo-textile for a soakaway or geo-membrane outer covering to make it watertight for storage.

Michelle Fleming, head of marketing at Wavin Plastics, the UK’s leading supplier of water management solutions, said, “Sustainable urban drainage systems like AquaCell Lite help developers to effectively store stormwater and then channel it to where it is needed most.”

“The installation of this system under landscaped areas is a more sustainable form of construction for the environment. With each unit weighing just seven kilograms, AquaCell Lite offers site managers a safe and easy to install system that stores up to 190L of water.”