Wavin, the UK’s leading supplier of water management and drainage systems, has launched wireless controls for use with its water-based OSMA underfloor heating (UFH) range.

The CE-approved wireless controls are seven day programmable and are capable of controlling up to 14 zones of the Underfloor Heating system, using secure digital radio frequency (RF) communication. The intelligent ‘optimum start’ feature guarantees the system will heat the room to the set temperature by the programmed time, ensuring reliable, efficient and effective energy use.

The wireless controls are ideal for use in new build, extension and renovation applications as there is no chasing required to existing walls, which keeps unsightly cables to a minimum.

Key benefits include minimal connections and simple, convenient operation, which can be tailored to individual heating requirements. The wireless controls also have the advantages of a low battery indicator, child lock, and frost and fire alarm outputs for added safety.

The new range comprises a 14-zone control centre, programmable and non-programmable wireless thermostats and a single zone kit, consisting of a control centre and a programmable wireless thermostat.