With more than a third of house buyers adding underfloor heating to their top five wish list1, the new OSMA Underfloor Heating (UFH) electric mat system from Wavin will come as a welcome addition to its already extensive range of ‘genius’ UFH options.

The new UFH electric mat systems are available in 100W/m² and 150W/m² to accommodate different floor structures and are the perfect option for the renovation and refurbishment market.

The electric mat system complements the existing OSMA UFH range giving home owners complete flexibility when it comes to choosing the right UFH option for their individual needs.

The electric mat 100 is suitable for all types of subfloor including timber and can be used under almost all floor finishes including tiles, stone, vinyl, wood, laminate or carpet. The Electric Mat 150 is the perfect choice where a higher output is required and must be installed on a solid subfloor using a ceramic floor finish.

The benefits of the UFH electric mat are clear. Its thin construction, measuring just 5mm, makes it a truly versatile option for projects that don’t have the depth of space for traditional screeded UFH options – usually requiring 122mm build up from the subfloor. The total overall floor build up thickness using the Electric Mat could be as little as 6mm. Not only that, it’s fast and easy to install and requires no special skills to complete the mat installation.

Awkward-shaped rooms or small areas such as bathrooms are ideal room scenarios for the Electric Mat. The self adhesive glass fibre mesh can be easily cut to accommodate curves and corners in the room. The Electric Mat 100 is available in two metre and four metre lengths and the Electric Mat 150 is available in six metre and ten metre lengths – providing complete flexibility for every room type.

The new Electric Mat is recommended for use with the OSMA UFH PRT-E dual sensor thermostat to give the home owner complete control over its use.

The Electric Mat system forms part of the six OSMA UFH options available from Wavin, along with staples, system plates, Pocketed polystyrene, Foiled polystyrene and Modular chipboard, providing an option to suit all buildings and floor constructions.

The ‘genius’ OSMA systems have been developed using the cleverest technology but are still simple to understand and easy to install. Even the most basic OSMA UFH system, staples, works on the genius principle and has been designed to give full flexibility for screed floors even if small or irregularly shaped.