Pipes and fittings from Wavin Plastics, the UK’s leading supplier of water management solutions, were included on last night’s Channel 4 programme, Grand Designs, after being selected by construction company, Talisman Manufacturing, for the Future House of London scheme in Dulwich.

The Chippenham-based company provided Talisman Manufacturing with sustainable materials, including drainpipes, reducers and conductors, for use within the house. Wavin Plastics’ OSMA underfloor heating was also installed at the site, the subject of a special feature on the Channel 4 show.

The project is a result of a competition launched in 2004 by the Royal Institute of British Architects, who asked people to design a property that would utilise recyclable materials and be as energy-efficient as possible. One design was commissioned and two such houses – dubbed the Future House of London – have now been built on a brownfield plot in South London by Talisman Manufacturing.

Michelle Fleming, head of marketing for Wavin Plastics, comments: “We were delighted to be asked to be involved in a project of this kind. As an innovative plastics company we are committed to providing solutions which give full consideration to the environment while satisfying everyday needs and comforts. The concept of this project mirrors Wavin’s own professional ambitions for providing attractive eco-friendly dwellings which embrace the key elements of sustainability. We were also pleased to be able to feature OSMA’s underfloor heating within the new house which showcased how versatile, reliable and coveted our system is.”

Official Wavin products supplied to Talisman under the OSMA Rainwater, OsmaSoil and OsmaDrain brands, include nine reducers, 120m of rainwater pipe, 50m of soil and vent pipe (plus fittings), 34 straight connectors, 34 45° bends and 34 30°bends.

Spokesman for Talisman, Ruth Higham, said: “The company set out to build responsibly using modern sustainable products. We did a great deal of research and picked suppliers who we felt shared the same ethos as us when it comes to sustainable products.”

The two houses in South Dulwich have also been designated as the headquarters for the Save The Rain campaign. Huge tanks buried beneath the house will collect run-off rain from the flat roofs to be recycled for WC flushing.