Wavin Plastics, the company which really understands Under Floor Heating (UFH), has designed a step-by-step guide to help plumbers and builders install under floor heating systems easily and quickly.

The guide offers advice on system selection, project preparation, general techniques including pipe spacing plus useful top tips for installation.

All floor types are considered – however, particularly detailed information is provided for screeded floors installations, using the systems based on staples, system plates and pocketed polystyrene. Additional step-by-step guidance for pressure testing, manifolds and balancing the system is also included within the guide.

“The literature has been developed as part of our drive to simplify both the selection of under floor heating and its installation. We’re trying to dispel the myth that it’s complicated,” explains Denise O’Leary, Customer Marketing Manager at Wavin.

The OSMA UFH product offering, from the people who really understand under floor heating, shows that true genius lies in simple communication, making innovative technology easy to understand. “The installation guide will give people the confidence to select UFH for a project of any nature or size”.

“OSMA UFH has been intelligently designed to help those in the trade select and install the right under floor heating for each project. We’ve solutions for screeded and timber floor constructions, for all floor types,” continues Denise.