Wavin Plastics has launched the OSMA AquaGrid pervious paving system to offer a new way to manage rain and surface water drainage.
Continuing residential and commercial development means more hard-standing impermeable surfaces, less ground where natural drainage is still possible and more pressure on man-made drainage.

The AquaGrid is an easily installed alternative to hard impermeable surfacing. There is a solution for both light-to-medium and heavily trafficked areas such as open car-parking and access roads and for verge reinforcement and landscaped areas.

This innovative system is quick and easy to install. It comes in lightweight interlocking square sections of recycled plastic, designed to receive pervious infill material for surface water drainage. The 500mm x 500mm units are secured by pins to ensure full system stability and integrity so that, once assembled, it is extremely strong and can withstand vehicle traffic and parking.

There are two versions available: AquaGrid 50, a 50mm deep version and AquaGrid 75, a 75mm deep version. AquaGrid 50 is suitable for gravel and landscape environments with light-to-heavy traffic. AquaGrid 75 is recommended for areas of regular heavy traffic loading or where premium grass quality is of the highest priority. AquaGrid 75 provides extra assurance in a higher traffic-loaded application. The 75mm version includes features such as lateral arches to optimise grass root growth and protection.

If you need additional selection advice, Wavin Plastics can advise on the suitability of each version depending on the application. Wavin additionally tests every AquaGrid unit for strength, loading and durability.

Both versions of AquaGrid are suitable for grass, soil or gravel infill. White marker blocks can be supplied to denote parking spaces. When assembled, both products allow lateral flow and offer up to 90% of their surface area for water permeation through the chosen pervious infill.

The system can be used to drain captured rainfall and stormwater either into the underlying ground or into an underground attenuation structure.

AquaGrid is designed for use in conjunction with AquaCell and AquaCell Lite stormwater management systems.

Wavin Plastics’ customer marketing manager Denise O’Leary explains how it aids sustainable drainage. “This system contributes directly to water conservation and eases pressure on local mains drainage by providing an alternative to impermeable surfaces. It offers immediate capture and controlled release of surface water, including during extreme storm events, ensuring its safe onward management.”

By contributing to sustainable drainage systems in this way, the AquaGrid supports the aims of Part H of the Building Regulations.