Opting for underfloor heating instead of traditional radiators in his conservatory has enabled Chas Smith, a retired export manager from Chippenham, to use his conservatory all year round – including on the coldest day of the year. Chas installed the OSMA UFH system plates design from Wavin Plastics, a UK leader in water management solutions, in the 4×3 meter space in just five hours, including laying the polystyrene insulation.

“I decided to go for a stand alone underfloor heating installation because I didn’t want to have to connect the system to the main boiler for hot water, as that would have meant that I would need temperature control valves on all the other radiators in the house,” said Chas. “This was the simplest solution without doing any major work or upgrading the existing system.”

The OSMA UFH system plates design is a cleverly designed complete solution for underfloor heating pipe placement. Vacuum-formed tough plastic sheets have an upstanding grid of integral clips to hold the OSMA UFH pipe in place. The system plates lie on top of the insulation and clip together.

Chas continues: “I opted for the OSMA UFH system plates method because I had a screeded floor which meant this was one of the most appropriate designs. With this system I could also decide the layout and spacing of the pipe. The instructions were so clear and easy to understand that I could actually install it with one hand while reading the instructions booklet with the other. The pipe installation was quick and easy – I was impressed.”

OSMA UFH system plates are extremely versatile and easily trimmed to size to fit the room space. Full and half turns are held securely and even diagonals can be included if needed. The system gives full flexibility for layout and spacing and protects the pipe while the screed is laid. The pipe is held in place even while someone walks on it. Flooring tiles over the underfloor heating keep the conservatory at an optimum temperature.

Since installation, Chas has recommended the system to friends and family: “If it was practical to do so, I would install underfloor heating throughout my whole home,” he added.