Daily flushing of internal drainage is unavoidable but silence is golden, especially in flats and apartments. With the move towards high-rise flats and tall soil-stacks, Wavin Plastics understands that noise can transmit to adjacent room space and is launching a new system that provides for a quieter life.

OSMA SiTech – the new low noise push-fit soil system now available from Wavin Plastics – provides a cost-effective and time-saving solution for professional plumbers.

As well as being an easy-fix, push-fit system, SiTech is made from a mineral-filled polypropylene, which has the effect of increasing pipe density. This means that it only needs to be encased in 25mm mineral wool wrap where contact between the pipe and the building structure cannot be avoided. Therefore it cuts down on installation time, wrapping and tooling costs, and can be installed by professional plumbers rather than specialist fitters that are often required for cast iron and HDPE systems.

OSMA SiTech has been independently tested for sound reducing performance and helps to achieve the higher acoustic performance standards in buildings as required by the Building Regulations Part E 2003.

Wavin Plastics’ market manager, Steven Skeldon, explains why the SiTech system will be welcomed by end users: “The increase in housing density and demand for multi-storey apartment living has created a greater demand for low-noise pipe at a fast pace. This new piping innovation will make fitting and installation an easier and less time-consuming job, but it will still give you the high quality and noise reduction that is required by the market.”

The OSMA SiTech system that is available with acoustic fittings and pipe in the standard 110mm size.