Wavin, the UK’s leading supplier of plastic pipe systems and solutions, has just received Kitemark approval for its Trigon Barrier Pipe System. Trigon is the first barrier pipe to be awarded the independent Kitemark – a reflection of Wavin’s ongoing commitment to developing products that exceed safety, purpose and installation best practice.

Trigon effectively transports and delivers potable water through contaminated land. Therefore, the multi-layered polyethylene aluminium barrier pipe is ideal for use on all brownfield sites where historically contaminated land may be an issue. Trigon has been designed with an impermeable barrier to preserve drinking water quality, allowing brownfield areas to safely undergo redevelopment, relieving the intense pressure on Greenfield sites.

Easy to handle and install, Trigon pipes are inherently flexible and also require no additional pipe preparation or external wrapping before use. The engineered brass fittings incorporate an integral O-ring seal and grip ring. Therefore, the fully sealed and end load resistant joint guarantees total impermeability to contaminant ingress.

Under the government’s plan to find 4.4 million new housing units in England and Wales by 2016, it is vital that the use of brownfield sites in construction should be encouraged. The Trigon System provides a long term and reliable solution for the effective transportation of drinking water on brownfield sites.

The Trigon Barrier Pipe System is effective against permeation from organic and inorganic contaminates, such as acids, alkalis, and sulphates, due to the outer PE sheath. Trigon can provide vital protection where there are doubts about site conditions.