Wavin Plastics is launching the new OSMA Tegra 600 to provide easy installation, inspection and maintenance to non-adoptable domestic and commercial drainage systems. This innovative non-entry inspection chamber is a much safer and cost-effective alternative to traditional concrete ring manholes during installation and occupation.

Tegra 600 is constructed from strong polypropylene. It is much lighter and easier to handle on site than large concrete manholes, which need to be lifted into place by heavy machinery. The Tegra 600 chamber can be installed by hand and backfilled in a day, typically three times faster than a concrete manhole. The result of this speed and installation is a significant cost saving.

There is less of a health and safety risk with the Tegra 600 access chamber, which can be used to examine buried pipework more than 1.2m deep.

Pipe inspection and maintenance can be carried out from above ground, so there is no need for ground workers to enter a potentially hazardous environment to check drainage pipes and clear debris.

The robust Tegra 600 can be used for inspecting and maintaining 150mm, 225mm and 300mm pipes for surface and foul water drainage. It has moveable sockets that allow up to 7.5° pipe movement in any direction. This provides extra flexibility to successfully secure connections to pipe line and level.

Tegra 600 is available with straight, 30°, 90° and cross base configurations. It can connect directly to UltraRib but is also able to connect to Twinwall drainage systems, via an adaptor.

Wavin Plastics’ head of marketing Michelle Fleming explains the advantages of the Tegra 600 for underground drainage work: “This is an extremely safe and easy-to-use inspection chamber that significantly reduces the installation costs associated with routine pipe maintenance. Using the Tegra 600 means far less risk to personnel, both during installation and service.”br />