OSMA Under Floor Heating (UFH) comes in five easy to install systems, making it simple for installers to choose the right one for any project.

The five systems include three for screeded floors: staples, system plates and pocketed polystyrene and two for timber floors: foiled polystyrene and modular chipboard.


  • Staples

    This is the OSMA UFH basic system which gives full flexibility and is suitable for small and irregularly shaped floor areas.

  • System plates

    A cleverly designed method for fast placement of UFH pipe, but one which still gives full layout flexibility; making it easy to include diagonals and make secure turns in the pipe route.

  • Pocketed polystyrene

    This is a time-saving option which enables installers to fit both insulation and the base for UFH pipe at the same time.

  • Timber floors

    This consists of insulation panels with factory-fitted aluminium foil diffusers for machined channels that hold the pipe in place.

  • Modular chipboard

    Tongued-and-grooved chipboard panels with pre-fitted UFH pipe which enables simultaneous installation of floor deck and UFH over joisted or battened floor.

“It’s never been so easy for installers to use under floor heating,” said Karly Taylor, market manager at Wavin. “These systems are so cleverly designed that whichever one is chosen, there are no special tools or skills required, making UFH a real genius idea.”