Wavin, the UK’s leading supplier of water management and drainage systems, has launched important additions to its OSMA underfloor heating (UFH) range. The new digital thermostat for OSMA UFH electric mat systems offers consumers greater control over room temperature, and a 16mm underfloor heating barrier pipe improves the performance of water-based UFH systems.

The new digital thermostat is simple to programme and easy to install – no special tools are required. It has dual temperature sensors designed to sense floor and air temperatures independently. Consumers can choose to use either sensor or a combination of the two, delivering precise temperature control.

The intelligent ‘optimum start’ feature guarantees the system will heat a room to the set temperature by the programmed time, rather than just coming on at the programmed time. The ‘frost protection’ setting ensures the thermostat maintains at a minimum temperature of 7ºC, even when it has been turned off with the power button.

The thermostat can be programmed with separate settings for weekdays and weekends, giving consumers a heating system personalised for their lifestyle. A battery maintains the clock in the event of power failure and the flash memory retains programme settings for 10yrs.

For water-based UFH systems, the new ivory coloured 16mm non-potable water barrier pipe is a welcome addition to the OSMA UFH range. The 1mm increase in bore size over standard pipes raises the water flow rate through a circuit, improving performance and minimising pressure drop. The introduction of the 16mm barrier pipe, the European standard, allows the easy, cost-effective adoption of European innovations, such as surface heating and cooling systems.