Wavin, the UK’s leading supplier of plastic pipe systems and solutions, has extended its range of Electrofusion Fittings, suitable for both potable and non-potable water applications. They are all 40V fittings and have 4mm connection pins. The list of available fittings is comprehensive and includes couplers, tapping tees, elbows, reducers, end caps and a duckfoot bend kit.

All fittings are WRAS approved, certified to BS EN 12201:2003 and meet DWI regulations 32, 30 and 27. Fittings up to and including 63mm diameter contain integral clamping to improve productivity and deliver the highest joint quality. The heating wire is covered to ensure it has no direct contact with the pipe, but direct contact with the fusion surface ensures a high quality connection. All fittings are barcode labelled for automatic fusion and limited path fusion indicators maintain pressure within the joint, and offer a visual check as to the success of the jointing.

Cleanliness is essential with Electrofusion Fittings and, although the standard installation methods are well understood, it is hoped the additional features offered by the range will deliver superior joint quality. Wavin also offers an Electrofusion product and installation guide, which is available on request.