In response to consumer research which showed that many UK residents think Under Floor Heating (UFH) is complicated, Wavin Plastics has launched a new microsite to show people how simple it really is.

Developed by the OSMA UFH team at Wavin Plastics, the site explains how to select the right UFH system for a particular domestic or commercial installation, whatever the shape or size of a building or room. The information is written in clear, concise English which makes it easy to read and understand – even for those unfamiliar with UFH or how it works.

“We wanted to show that, as the microsite explains, most of the fundamental ideas of science are essentially simple,” explains Chris Simmons, commercial manager. “We appreciate that it’s often not the message that confuses people but the way it’s said so we’ve used very straightforward language to help people realise that while UFH may be a clever idea, it’s not complicated or difficult to understand. It’s about expressing what we’re trying to say in a language which is comprehensible to everyone – and not just people who already know what we’re talking about, or who understand the jargon.

“The website centres around the OSMA UFH product offering – a clever heating system from a company which really understands UFH,” continues Chris. “The real genius lies in this simple, innovative technology that’s easy to understand and use and we hope that the website will give people the confidence to select UFH for a project of any nature or size.”

The site explains the different UFH systems available for all floor levels, depending on whether installers are working with a screeded or timber floor. It also explains what you need to consider before starting a project, such as: is the property domestic or commercial? What size is the floor area and how can you calculate it? Where is the boiler located? What tools are required?