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Sustainable Tiles for Architectural Designs

Mosa supplies distinctive, high-quality tiles for floors, walls, terraces and facades.

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high-quality tiles

Mosa supplies distinctive, high-quality tiles for floors, walls, terraces and facades.

About Mosa

Mosa values innovation and design in its tile collections.The company’s dedicated staff of ten designers work to develop new tile concepts in the company’s studio.

Established in 1883 by Louis Regout, one of several famous Maastricht industrialists, Mosa has been manufacturing tiles for more than 130 years, and has become an innovative producer of sustainable, high-quality tile products.

Mosa develops and provides distinctive, high quality tiles.
The company's tiles add colour to walls, floors, façades and terraces.
Mosa provides innovative, custom tile designs for architects.
The company produces tiles in smaller, specialised collections than other tile manufacturers.
A close-knit team designers works constantly to deliver brand new tile concepts.
Mosa use sustainable practices to create tiles for contemporary and future designs.
Mosa's collections have won numerous international awards worldwide.
Established in 1883, Mosa has more than 130 years of experience in manufacturing tiles.

Mosa has generated a huge growth in sales and profits over the past ten years. Ever year, around six million square metres of tiles are delivered from the company’s factories in Maastricht to 30 countries on four continents.

The company is independently owned by Dutch investment firm Egeria.

Sustainable tiles for architectural designs

Mosa strives to develop sustainable products that blend with contemporary and future architectural designs. The company is committed to upholding sustainable design and production practices based on cradle-to-cradle principles.

Flexible, client-specific tiles

Mosa’s innovative tiles can be tailored to meet customer requirements. As well as developing new ranges, the company has recently begun facilitating the production of smaller collections, allowing Mosa to accommodate specific requests from architects.

The company bases its production capacity on a scale from 500m² to 1,500m². However, smaller quantities can also be requested.

Mosa also manufactures products designed by architects.

Award-winning, innovative tile designs

The company’s collections have won numerous international design accolades, and have also been nominated for the Dutch Design and Deutsche Designpreis awards.

White Papers

Press Releases

  • Mosa Introduces Murals Fuse

    Mosa presents Murals Fuse, a ceramic series that offers a fresh approach in designing with tiles. Part of the award-winning Murals line, Fuse is lively and interactive, transforming architectural surfaces into vibrant works of art and bringing the user to the centre of the spatial experience.

  • Industrial-Chic Restaurant Designed with Mosa Tiles

    Concept restaurant 'De Kazerne' in Eindhoven (NL) is the new meeting point for the Dutch creative scene. Though neglected for a long time, it is now developing into a trendsetting cluster for art, culture, and meetings with around 2,400m² of usable space.

  • Mosa Offers Functional Design at its Finest

    Interior designer Roger Haan was asked to come up with a distinctive hotel concept. The design needed to incorporate the history of the existing building and the dynamic environment, bring the outside in, create rooms for more than two people, and lead to a scalable product that could be applied in different cities.

  • Mosa: The Power of Ceramics

    "The implementation of sustainable solutions in the hotel industry can extend beyond simply washing towels less frequently or encouraging guests to take shorter showers."

  • Mosa Supplies Tiles for Maison Z Project

    'Maison Z' ('house Z'), situated in the Gard department in the south of France, encompasses a site measuring 2,750m² and is home to several independent farmhouses in a style that is typical of the Cévennes region, incorporating almost blind frontages and lapels made from local limestone.

  • Architectural Journey of Discovery

    Peppe Giacomazza made his name with La Botte, his Italian restaurant in Genk, Belgium, that serves top-flight Italian food. Not long ago he opened his second restaurant, Peppe's, barely 50m from La Botte. It is an entirely different concept, but of course it features the same delicious Italian dishes.

  • Designing the New Premises for the International Criminal Court

    Designing the new premises for the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague (the Netherlands) isn't your average job: not only had the ICC key values that it wanted taken into account, but the building also had to embody the spirit of international cooperation.


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