Concept restaurant ‘De Kazerne’ in Eindhoven (NL) is the new meeting point for the Dutch creative scene. Though neglected for a long time, it is now developing into a trendsetting cluster for art, culture, and meetings with around 2,400m² of usable space.

The building showcases how a pleasant atmosphere can be conjured up simply by combining various textures within a colour group. The initiators of the project are the designer duo Annemoon Geurts and her husband Koen Rijnbeek, who in collaboration with the architect’s firm Van Helmond | Zuidam Architecten have demonstrated their extraordinary, professional sense of atmosphere and ambience in the recently opened exhibition spaces, restaurant, and bar of ‘De Kazerne’.

The walls of the generously proportioned gastronomic area, complete with open kitchen, as well as the floors and walls of the sanitary facilities measuring a total of 400m², were fitted with Mosa Scenes in the dark anthracite colour group. These surfaces derive their depth and substance from the grain, sand, and clay textures. The arrangement of the naturally cool colour mix complements the industrial-chic environment yet creates an inviting atmosphere.

Mosa Scenes is a contemporary collection that can be used in a variety of ways, simplifying the architect’s and designer’s task of achieving an equilibrated layout of ceramic tiles. Characterised by colour tone, texture, and natural shades and nuances, the small-format tiles melt into an optical unison, imparting the desired harmony and vitality to rooms thanks to their unique natural look and feel and the way in which they lend themselves to a malleable yet precise layout.