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Intelligent Building Technology

Forward-looking technology and flexible solutions combined with high quality of design; Gira offers a broad range of intelligent building technology for convenience and security.

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Forward-looking technology and flexible solutions combined with high quality of design; Gira offers a broad range of intelligent building technology for convenience and security.

Devices for networking home technology, music control for rooms and comprehensive switch ranges, plus numerous functions for door communication, energy and light outdoors – and it all fits together. All functions and devices can be easily combined, and the uniform design lines offer the right cover frame for every purpose.

Modular design system

The Gira design system is modular. It consists of nine switch ranges with over 300 functions for convenient, economical and secure living. All functions can be combined in various colours with different frame variants. This results in a huge design diversity and enables Gira products to be put together to match any furnishings.

LED illumination and orientation

The Gira LED illumination enables the targeted use of lighting accents. For instance, it is used to illuminate stairs and dark corridors or outdoor pathways and therefore provides extra safety for walking and for orientation both inside and outside.

Gira Control 19 Client, glass black.
British Standard 2-gang socket outlet can be switched off with LED control light, anthracite Gira Esprit, aluminium.
Home station with 2.5in TFT colour display, F100, pure white glossy.
LED orientation light with pictogram Gira E22 aluminium, flush installed.

Gira offers a wide range of LED products and accessories adapted to its switch ranges. Pictograms and inscriptions allow LED lights to be expanded to illuminate information signs, which can be used in a multitude of ways. The LED technology with all products ensures durability and economical power consumption.

Intelligent systems for electrical installation

The Gira KNX/EIB is an intelligent system for electrical installation that via automation and remote control technology makes living and working more comfortable, economical and safer. This is due to the fact that a decision for a KNX/EIB installation is already made in the planning phase.

KNX/EIB is initially nothing more than a green cable that’s installed flush-mounted together with the power supply. The intelligence is added later via push button sensors or in central control units, such as the Gira SmartSensor or the Gira InfoTerminal Touch. These devices replace conventional switches and send control commands through the bus lines to lights, blinds, the music system and other KNX/EIB-capable devices.

Even complex solutions can be realised. However, it is then advisable to use a Gira HomeServer or FacilityServer. All information comes together here and commands are sent out to turn radiators up or down and help save energy in the process, amongst others.

Door communication systems

Gira makes technology simple with installation without the cabling effort during renovating and configuration without the need for living units to be present, which is made possible by two-wire bus technology and the concept of one-man start-up. Gira has integrated door communication into the world of switches for this purpose. With the Gira door communication system, buildings with up to 28 residential units can use video functionality. Gira home stations are available in diverse design variations and can be combined with various colours and a wide range of frame variants.

About Gira

Gira is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical installation technology and building control in Germany and was founded in August 1905 in Wuppertal. In 1910, Gira moved to Radevormwald. Today, Gira employs approximately 1,000 people and works together with representations in more than 38 countries.

Intelligent building technology from Gira offers the user more convenience, more security, a wide array of functions and a great deal of flexibility and mobility. Gira develops and produces systems and products that set standards both in technology and design.

White Papers

  • Planning Tool for Intelligent Electrical Installations

    The Gira design system is modular. It consists of 13 switch ranges with over 280 functions for convenient, economical and secure living. All functions can be combined in various colours with different cover frame variants. This results in a huge design diversity. And it enables Gira products to be put together to match any furnishings.

Press Releases

  • Well Thought-Out Design Solution

    The Gira door communication system is unique in concept and design. Because all inserts for the functions speaking, listening and seeing can be integrated in normal flush-mounted boxes, the door communication becomes part of the world of switches.

  • Gira Energy Profiles: Light and Energy Outdoors

    Especially for commercial buildings, the representative effect of the area surrounding the building plays a major role. However, private builders also place importance on attractive grounds of their residential homes. In the meantime, there is a correspondingly great interest in products suitable for practical use all around the house which also meet upscale design requirements.

  • New Gira F100 in Full Assortment: Modern Living Spaces

    Tradition is an obligation. In 1966 Gira was the first manufacturer to put the 'surface switch' on the market. Generations of architects were convinced by its revolutionary design. The push switch covers virtually the entire surface and was surrounded by a narrow frame and bridges. 40 years later, the system supplier from Radevormwald, Germany, has completely reinterpreted the F100 and equipped it with a full depth of functions.

  • New Frame Variants of Gira Esprit: Classics are Trendy

    Black is the absolute classic in interior design, while various brown tones are trendy in modern colour concepts for upscale interior decoration. With the expansion of its elegant Esprit switch range to include real materials, Gira offers sophisticated solutions made of anodised aluminium or aluminium with walnut wood veneer.

  • Door Communication via Skype

    The Gira door communication system offers numerous innovative solutions for indoor and outdoor use - and now also for while away. The update for mobile door communication plugged into Skype is available starting immediately.

  • Preferred Design Made Easy

    Just white and boring are a thing of the past, and individuality is now in demand for switches and socket outlets. In this context, the Gira Design Configurator is an ideal planning tool for architects and room planners.

  • Gira Control 9 Client and Gira Control 19 Client

    Energy-efficient construction and restoration are hardly thinkable these days without intelligent building control. Today, many functions can be realised without any problems, and complex tasks can be solved sensibly.

  • Compact Elegance from Gira

    The surface-mounted home station video, first presented by Gira at Light+Building, is compact, elegant and technologically of the very best quality, and the homogeneous front gives the device an eye-catching appeal. The home station is available right away.

  • Building Control with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

    Building technology with its many intelligent functions is now mobile - it can be operated, monitored and controlled with SmartPhones and tablet PCs. Especially attractive: control with Gira via iPhone, iPod touch and iPad from Apple.

  • Looking Ahead – 100 Years of Gira

    In the 100th year of its history, Gira, a family-run company in the fourth generation, presents itself as a premium brand on the electrical installation market. Technical progress and a high level of design competence, while always employing the three-level sales route with a direct connection to trade are constants that can be observed throughout Gira's company history.

  • Modern Electrical Engineering Helps Elderly People

    The demographic change is in full swing. More elderly people are making their specific needs known, especially in the area of interior design and habitation. Building and renovation suitable for the elderly are topics that are on everyone's lips. The electrical system supplier Gira wants to help in enabling as many people as possible to be able to stay at home within their own four walls.

  • Made for architects: the Gira E22 switch range

    The system supplier Gira presented the new switch range for the first time at the Light & Building trade fair. It is special because Gira E22 can be mounted flat on the wall. Now the product range is available with the full depth of functions.

  • The Gira Tectiv 220° Observer: Top Technology Under the Dome

    Gira has completely rethought the topic of observers and has brought the renowned design firm Phoenix Product Design on board as a partner. In the end there was, as is often the case with true innovations, a simple insight: when the functional and the visible parts are separated, both win out, function and design.

  • Gira Keyless In: the Latest Generation of Access Control

    Gira now offers something for building technology that has long been standard in the automotive industry: Keyless access control with modern technology that offers more security and greater comfort, even in single and multi-family houses.


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