Gira has completely rethought the topic of observers and has brought the renowned design firm Phoenix Product Design on board as a partner. In the end there was, as is often the case with true innovations, a simple insight: when the functional and the visible parts are separated, both win out, function and design.

The result is the Gira Tectiv 220° observer. It is easy to install, offers optimised technology and a very discreet design that has nothing of the conspicuous appearance of conventional observes and integrates elegantly into the facade.

The observer consists of four parts. The connection base is fastened to the wall or ceiling with just one screw. The cable feed is conveniently possible from all sides for both surface and flush-mounting. A movable design ring in white, aluminium or anthracite provides for a perfect termination to the wall. The sensor top unit is then mounted on the existing plug contacts without an additional tool.

Specially developed ASICs evaluate and process the signals of highly-sensitive passive infrared elements. A new lens system with four different focal lengths ensures that the size of the detected object does not depend on the distance, and differentiates between the back field, close, mid-range and distant areas. The power-on time, the brightness value for the switching threshold and the sensitivity can be set with three knurled wheels in just seconds.

The "Teach-in button", which stores the current twilight value as a switching threshold, proves to be especially convenient. The entire sensor system is adjusted with a joint that can be moved in any direction. And finally, the water-tight, shatter-proof dome is fastened with a bayonet lock. It both protects the high-quality technology against moisture, dirt and tampering, and gives the Gira Tectiv 220° a completely new look.

The logical design of the Gira Tectiv 220°, from its simple mounting to the high-quality technology to the innovative design are explained in a computer animation on a CD-ROM.