The surface-mounted home station video, first presented by Gira at Light+Building, is compact, elegant and technologically of the very best quality, and the homogeneous front gives the device an eye-catching appeal. The home station is available right away.

The video function will become a part of the future: experts predict a significant increase in image-based communication with door intercom systems, meaning a lucrative market for the electrical trade. In order to support electricians, Gira has further expanded its expertise in the field of video technology, developing a surface-mounted version for the home station with video.

The new Gira home station of course fits perfectly into the Gira switch ranges. This compatibility throughout not only allows an uniform design of all components for intelligent building technology, but also a homogeneous appearance of electrical installation and door communication. The surface-mounted home station video, together with a 2" colour TFT display, can be integrated with ease into a two-gang cover frame without crossbar. As such it can be combined in various colours and materials with different frame variants from the Gira System 55 and E22 ranges.

The optical feature of the Gira surface-mounted home station video is its compact and purist form. This is largely thanks to the continuously homogeneous front of the device, in which not only the colour display but also the operating buttons are integrated. The display and operating field appear as a uniform, level surface. Its uniformity is further enhanced with the fact that loudspeaker and microphone are not directly visible from the front.

The latest generation high-resolution 2" TFT colour display offers a high level of depth definition and outstanding picture quality, even when the visitor is further away from the house or home door. Capacitive sensor technology allows convenient operation via a light touching of the integrated buttons. Functions such as door opening, call acceptance and switching of lights can be carried out directly. Various system settings are possible via on-screen, for example for brightness, contrast and colour, as well as call tone selection.

With state-of-the-art microprocessor technology, the Gira surface-mounted home station video achieves speech quality comparable to that of mobile phones or hands-free units used in cars. The hands-free unit is equipped with an echo suppressor: the microphone automatically activates where the level is greater. If ambient noise at the front door is extremely loud, an enforcement function can be activated at the press of a button. The microphone is so sensitive that the speaker can stand at some distance from the station, and yet excellent transmission quality is still guaranteed.

The automatic door opener function and automatic call acceptance for internal calling function can be optionally enabled by the electrician and then activated via the menu. These functions are convenient for example for doctors’ practices, and enable automatic opening of the door as well as direct speaking or listening e.g. from the reception desk to the doctor’s consulting rooms and vice versa.

As a part of the Gira door communication system, the technology of the surface-mounted home station video is based on the 2-wire bus, whereby only two wires are required for power supply of the components and transmission of all audio and video signals. This means that with renovations for example, an existing doorbell system can easily be replaced by the Gira door communication system. Instead of laying new cables, existing cables are used. In new installations the 2-wire bus technology reduces the usual cabling required for a door intercom and allows rapid non-interchangeable installation.