Modern Electrical Engineering Helps Elderly People

The demographic change is in full swing. More elderly people are making their specific needs known, especially in the area of interior design and habitation. Building and renovation suitable for the elderly are topics that are on everyone’s lips. The electrical system supplier Gira wants to help in enabling as many people as possible to be able to stay at home within their own four walls.

The product range from Gira includes a number of devices that facilitate living for the elderly. These can be quite simple solutions. As the ability to see diminishes with age, many older people are pleased when they no longer have to precisely grip or feel. The Gira F100 is ideal for this: the particularly large switch toggle offers comfortable operation for seniors.

But why always manually switch the light? In hallways, stairways and passageways, automatic control switches are the correct solution, making sure that nobody needs to stumble in the dark. The radio automatic control switch from Gira need not be connected to a power cable, making it especially practical. As a result, it can be mounted anywhere on the wall – quickly, and without a flush-mounted box.

The illuminated SCHUKO socket outlet from Gira also guarantees more safety and comfort. It has an inserted light strip with which a light corridor is projected downwards with a white LED. This indirect light does not cause disturbing glare at night, but ensures enough light for orientation. With an integrated twilight sensor, the light is automatically switched on when darkness sets in and off again when there is enough natural light.

Blinds are often a problem for the elderly , who sometimes do not have the strength to raise and lower them. The Gira blind controller helps here in combination with the Gira tube motors that can be coupled to time clocks – they carry out their duties punctually and reliably and do not suffer from forgetfulness. Room temperature controllers also always guarantee comfort without the need for continuous readjustment.

Forgotten, mislaid or lost keys do not only bring elderly people in an awkward situation. With the Gira Keyless In Fingerprint, no more trouble is experienced at the door, because the device controls access using the biometric properties of the human fingerprint. With the aid of state-of-the-art high-frequency technology, the sensor evaluates the structures of the deepest layers of skin on the finger, thus allowing a correct evaluation of injured or soiled fingers – no one has to wash their hands first before they go into their own home. Especially practical: the gradual change of skin structures due to age is no problem for the Gira Keyless In Fingerprint.

Gira obliges seniors on the inside of the home station as well. A video home station with a 2.5" colour display can be integrated into the new Gira F100 range. If a larger image is desired, the Gira VideoTerminal provides the optimal solution: the large 5.7" active TFT colour display features a resolution of 640 × 480 pixels and can also be easily and intuitively operated by the elderly as well.

In addition to individual solutions such as these that significantly help in everyday life, the installation of a KNX/EIB bus system is of course a comprehensive and flexible solution that can be expanded at any time. The Gira HomeServer 3 not only enables the linking of numerous functions, but also allows these to be seen, modified and controlled from outside. That is also a form of care that offers elderly people a greater level of security, more comfort and indeed more quality of life.