The Gira door communication system offers numerous innovative solutions for indoor and outdoor use – and now also for while away. The update for mobile door communication plugged into Skype is available starting immediately.

The Gira DCS-IP-gateway both simplifies door communication operation and expands the options of the Gira door communication system in particular. This is because with the integration of Skype into the DCS-IP-gateway, mobile door communication is now also possible using iPhones, iPads as well as all smartphones and tablets for which there is a Skype app.

Using the new function of the DCS-IP-gateway, Skype can also be used to conduct conversations including video transfer with visitors at any time while away. Thus, you can also see who is ringing the doorbell. The door opener can also be triggered if needed. Incidentally it works exactly the same on home television sets with integrated Skype application or on the computer.

The DCS-IP-gateway is installed as a DRA device in the control cabinet and converts signals from the Gira door communication system to the network protocol level (IP). Connected to the IP network, smartphones, tablets, computers and television sets can be used as video intercoms anywhere a network connection or WLAN is available – meaning it is completely independent from the door communication bus line.