The system supplier Gira presented the new switch range for the first time at the Light & Building trade fair. It is special because Gira E22 can be mounted flat on the wall. Now the product range is available with the full depth of functions.

To many architects it appears to be more of a necessary evil than the pièce de résistance: the switch on the wall. Especially when it "lays it on thick" and spoils the overall impression. But all this is not necessary. For together with Phoenix Design in Stuttgart, Germany, Gira has developed a switch range that can be mounted flat on the wall – the switch cover frames and inserts extend just 3 mm above the surface.

The Gira E22 has an overall elegant, high-quality appearance with a very precise shape. And the flat design is supported by the vertical switch toggle, which does not break through the flush surface.

The installation flush with the wall can be realized using an innovative new installation method. As an alternative, the switch can also be installed in common flush-mounted boxes. As the switch cover frame is tapered at the back, the switch then appears to float in front of the wall.

And Gira E22 also offers another special feature: The switch range is available in the same design in three different materials – stainless steel, aluminium and thermoplastic in pure white glossy. Here architects open themselves to the fascinating possibility of completely equipping a building with one and the same switch range, and nevertheless being able to differentiate according to value. Of course, two different types of installation are possible for all three material versions.

In addition to the visual design and the large number of different installation options, this switch range convinces in all three material versions with the full depth of its assortment, which consists of more than 200 functions for modern building management.

These include push button sensors for controlling the KNX/EIB Instabus, the home stations of the Gira door communication system, the Gira flush-mounted radio, the Gira radio weather station and a broad range of LED orientation lights, which can also be integrated in the new switch range.

With them attractive lighting accents can be produced, however they can also be used quite pragmatically for increased safety and information in buildings when they are expanded with illuminated information signs. An extensive selection of pictograms is available especially for Gira E22, which are lasered out of the real materials stainless steel and aluminium.