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Clamps for Standing Seam Rooftop Accessory Attachment

How do you attach almost anything to a standing seam metal roof without penetration of the roofing material? S-5! is the perfect solution. Patented S-5! clamps for standing seam rooftop accessory attachment make the job simple, quick and dependable.

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How do you attach almost anything to a standing seam metal roof without penetration of the roofing material? S-5! is the perfect solution. Patented S-5! clamps for standing seam rooftop accessory attachment make the job simple, quick and dependable. S-5! is the trusted name in metal roof accessory attachment worldwide.

Rooftop attachments from fall arrest to solar mountings

S-5! is the proper way to attach almost anything to standing seam metal roofing- from service walks, satellite dishes and photovoltaic solar modules to fall protection and snow retention devices. Patented S-5! clamps make the attachment without penetration of the panel seam material.

Unlike methods that use sharp or ‘cup’ point screws to dig into or pierce the metal, damaging fragile finishes and violating warranties, the S-5! method utilizes a patented combination of polished round-point setscrews and machined reliefs to allow a secure and positive mechanical gripping of the seam with no ill side effects.

The S-5! Clamp family - one for every occasion.
S-5! Attaching solar panels to the seam metal roofing.
The S-5-PV Kit
S-5! COLORGARD snow guards.
S-5! RamGard.

Although the holding strength is measured in tons, the anchorage is achieved without any damage to roofing materials or jeopardy to important rooftop warranties. S-5! attachment technology is recognized and endorsed by every leading metal panel system manufacturer in the world.

Roof accessory mounting

Dependable and consistent S-5! attachment methods mean that holding strength is laboratory tested and published at the S-5! website. S-5! clamps are machined from non-corrosive metals- never brittle castings or synthetic materials. They also utilize stainless steel hardware. S-5! clamp models are made for every conceivable seam material, finish, profile and gauge. If the right hardware is not available for your application, we’ll custom make it. Technically correct, fully engineered, as lasting as the roof itself, S-5! provides an affordable solution to any rooftop-mounting problem.

Snow retention systems – rooftop avalanche protection

The trusted name in metal rooftop attachment hardware also offers the finest snow retention systems in the world. Developed by a leading metal roof consultant and proven by contractors, designers and applications from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to the Austrian Alps, S-5! outperforms all other products. A really well designed system recognizes that quality must also be cost effective. Not only are S-5! snow retention systems unparalleled in service durability and architectural aesthetics – they are also unparalleled in cost effectiveness.

Snow guards

The S-5! portfolio also includes a variety of different systems for every conceivable application and visual objective of metal roofing. For a perfect match on pre-painted or natural metals select S-5! COLORGARD. For clean lines, mill finishes and high-tech cylindrical shapes consider SNORAIL™ and SNOFENCE™. And for a distinctively styled unitized part, RAMGARD™ is the answer.


The sudden and unexpected release of snow from the roof can be dramatic, posing a serious threat to property and passers-by. ColorGard© dramatically reduces the risks associated with rooftop avalanches and maintains the clean colorful appearance of the roof with perfect color and finish matching, which lasts as long as the roof itself! ColorGard© is the only snow retention system designed and engineered on a sitespecific basis; guaranteed to perform, to not damage the roof or finish, and to exactly match the roof color for the entire life of the roof.

ColorGard is mechanically attached with patented S-5! clamps – S-5! is the trusted name in metal rooftop attachment technology worldwide. S-5! patented, round-point setscrews grip the seam securely without penetration and without damage to the panel’s protective finishes. The clamps are precision-machined from aircraft quality, high tensile aluminum— not cast or plastic. All related hardware is non-ferrous stainless steel for lasting performance.


When snow accumulations begin to melt, the result can be catastrophic as the blanket of snow avalanches off the roof dumping tons of snow onto anything in its path. It can damage landscape, gutters, adjacent roofs, vehicles, and cause injury or death to passers-by. SnoRail/ SnoFence dramatically reduce these risks associated with rooftop avalanches, maintaining the clean lines of the roof and lasting as long as the roof itself! SnoRail / SnoFence can be designed and engineered on a site-specific basis.

Architects and roof designers agree: the clean lines, cylindrical shapes and high-tech look of our SnoRail™ and SnoFence™ systems present an attractive solution to snow retention problems! They function without cluttering the lines of the roof. With up to six times the strength of adhesively mounted devices, and without the high labor costs and inconsistencies of soldered snow guards, S-5! offers the perfect, long term, dependable solution for traditional standing seam and sheet copper roofing.

The SnoRail and SnoFence systems are mechanically attached with patented S-5! clamps utilizing our patented round-point setscrews – designed not to “pin” or “fix” the roof panels to the building, leaving thermal movement unrestricted. The clamps are precision-machined from aircraft quality, high tensile aluminum—not cast or plastic. All related hardware is non-ferrous, compatible stainless steel for lasting performance.

Product availability, technical support and design assistance – globally

S-5! products are available for immediate shipment from numerous distributors the world over. Distributors are technically trained and can offer job specific design assistance. Architectural or technical specifications and CAD drawings are downloadable on the web.

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    This April 2010, the first run of S-5! photovoltaic attachment clamps made in Canada will roll off the assembly line in Toronto, Ontario and be immediately available for sales and installation. This is good news for companies looking to participate as solar power providers in the Ontario Power Au

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    Metal Roof Innovations, Ltd., owners of S-5!® attachment technology has prevailed in it’s patent infringement complaint against Blaze Wharton Construction, Inc. (a Montana corporation) dba “Mountain Snow Stops”. Judgment was entered in favor of S-5!, on its claim for patent infringement, permanen

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    Snow accumulations on sloped metal roofs can pose significant danger to property and life as these accumulations can succumb to gravity and avalanche in a catastrophic manner–harming property and passersby. But a properly designed ColorGard® quality snow retention system dramatically reduces

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    S-5! has launched three new roof products for solar solutions, snow retention and utility attachments. S-5-S and S-5-S Mini Perfect fit for snap-together profiles Limits field crimping for many metal roofing profiles: such as Taylor Metals, Easy L

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    Englert, Inc. a leading manufacturer of standing seam metal roofing and rainware products, and S-5!™, the innovative manufacturer of attachment solutions for the metal roofing industry, have announced an agreement for Englert to serve as distributor for the full line of S-5! products. T

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    Leading Swiss pharmaceuticals manufacturer Lonza Biologics (Lonza) pioneered the installation of solar PV for industrial buildings in Singapore, soliciting the help of S-5!'s distributor, Singapore-based Phoenix Solar, to design and install Singapore‘s largest solar PV system as of June 2009.

  • S-5! Launches VersaBracket-47

    The new VersaBracket-47 by S-5! is a stronger, more versatile and lower cost bracket option to easily mount virtually anything to a face-fastened metal roof profile. Dustin Haddock, manager of product and system development at S-5!, conducted extensive load testing research during deve

  • S-5! Clamps Withstand Florida Storms

    When Altair Energy installed a 4kW PV system on a metal seam roof at Bay High School in Panama City, Florida, they used S-5!™ clamps to attach the solar panels. They relied on this S-5! product to comply with the school’s requirement of zero penetration of the roof. According to

  • S-5! Goes Global

    Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, S-5! has added a branch office in Germany and acquired distributors in Germany, Canada, Sweden, and Switzerland. S-5! produces utility clamps that attach to standing seam metal roofs without penetrating the paneling. The German office, located in

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    Conergy Americas, Inc. announced that they have been named by Metal Roof Innovations as authorized stocking distributors for the S-5! line of clamps for standing seam metal roofs. Conergy, as one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of solar energy products and services worldwide will al

  • S-5! Wins Patent Infringement Case

    S-5! recently announced that it has prevailed in a patent infringement case filed by Metal Roof Innovations, Ltd and Caught Fish Enterprises, LLC. (owners of S-5! Technology and Trademarks) against Contek, Inc., d/b/a Snow Management Systems ("Contek"), which alleged infringed upon US Patent Nos.

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