S-5!, the most reputable mounting experts in the metal roofing industry, is pleased with the market response to the announcement of one of the newest S-5! innovations, the S-5-N attachment clamp, which was released earlier this year. The S-5-N was designed specifically for distinctive 1in nail strip metal roof profiles.

S-5! is continually seeking to innovate new and better products, remaining the global leader in standing seam attachment solutions. The S-5-N was designed to solve a long-standing problem within the metal roof industry: how best to attach ancillaries to nail strip profiles.

In order to minimize the need to field crimp, the S-5-N clamp boasts a wider throat that accommodates most nail strip profiles. This feature allows the clamp to sit straighter on the seam, ensuring the tightest, strongest fit, and proving one size does not fit all.

The strength of the S-5-N clamp and its correlating mini clamp is in the simple design, utilizing S-5! zero-penetration technology. The patented round-point setscrews do not penetrate the weathering membrane of the roof, nor damage the protective Galvalume coatings of steel panels. They will not cause scoring which can lead to roof material fracture, or premature corrosion, including rust, thereby voiding the roof manufacturer’s warranty.

The S-5-N is designed for heavy-duty applications such as snow retention. S-5-N can be used to mount ColorGard to popular nail strip profiles, providing the strongest snow retention system on the market.

The S-5-N Mini is perfect for attaching all kinds of medium-duty applications such as solar array attachments (with the S-5-PV Kit), signs, walkways, satellite dishes, antennas, rooftop lighting, lightning protection systems, exhaust stack bracing, conduit, condensate lines, mechanical equipment, etc.

As with all S-5! products, the S-5-N clamp has been tested for load-to-failure results on major brands and profiles of standing seam roofing. The independent lab test data found at can be used for load-critical designs and applications. See the website for more information including CAD details, metallurgical compatibilities and specifications.