Metal Roof Innovations, Ltd., owners of S-5!® attachment technology has prevailed in it’s patent infringement complaint against Blaze Wharton Construction, Inc. (a Montana corporation) dba “Mountain Snow Stops”. Judgment was entered in favor of S-5!, on its claim for patent infringement, permanently enjoining the accused from further manufacture, import, use or sale of the “Accused Clamps and Methods, or any colorable imitations thereof”. Metal Roof Innovations also received a monetary award, along with all remaining inventory of the infringing products for destruction.

Rob Haddock, CEO of S-5! said, “It’s unfortunate and disheartening that we have to resort to courts and lawyers to protect our intellectual property. It would be nice if folks would just stop copying our products and patent technologies.”

Colorado-based S-5! is North America’s leading manufacturer of attachment solutions for standing seam metal roofing. S-5! produces a line of clamps that fit virtually any standing seam profile, usually attaching to the seam by tightening of patented round-point setscrews that dimple the seam material rather than penetrating it.