The new VersaBracket-47 by S-5! is a stronger, more versatile and lower cost bracket option to easily mount virtually anything to a face-fastened metal roof profile.

Dustin Haddock, manager of product and system development at S-5!, conducted extensive load testing research during development and tested the VersaBracket-47 load strength to 1,283lbs ultimate, an increase of 863lbs over previous solutions when tested on standard 16 gauge purlins. Haddock said: “The great value in the VersaBracket-47 is its impressive holding strength. This makes it a much more cost effective solution because you simply don’t need to install as many to withstand design loads.”

The VersaBracket-47 can also be ordered with custom attachment holes for specific applications. The patent-protected, encapsulated butyl sealant design also provides absolutely the safest way to make a penetration on a face-fastened metal roof – virtually eliminating the possibility of leaks and corrosion.

VersaBracket-47 is so strong it easily supports heavy-duty applications like snow retention and solar panel installations. For face-fastened profiles, the VersaBracket-47 is the perfect match for the S-5! patented ColorGard snow retention system and PV Kits.

The VersaBracket-47 will begin delivery in early June 2009

For over 18 years, S-5! has built a history of inventing and producing roof attachment solutions that exhibit strength and longevity that far exceed all other options in the industry. S-5 Attachment Solutions was founded by Rob Haddock, who, with 35 years as a roofing professional (contractor and consultant), was frustrated by products that were difficult to install or that performed poorly over time. S-5! now leads the industry with a full line of attachment solutions for solar, HVAC, snow retention and enhanced wind uplift performance.