S-5! is announcing its newly-improved S-5-PV Kit, a rail-free, metal roof solar panel installation assembly that is unrivaled in the industry. “We had the best attachment device on the market. No question about it. But with its growing popularity around the globe we wanted to make installation even easier,” explained Keith Lipps, VP of marketing and sales for S-5!

Photovoltaic consultants and integrators have been attaching solar panels to standing seam metal roofs with increasing frequency over the past two decades, due in large part to their compatible life expectancy. PV panels will perform reliably for about 30 years, which is a good 30% to 50% longer than the life expectancy of many roof materials. The life expectancy of a standing seam metal roof, however, is also 30 years, so by attaching a PV array to a new metal roof, building owners don’t find themselves having to remove the array in order to repair or replace the roof. The S-5-PV Kit makes the attachment process quick and easy, doesn’t penetrate the roof, and is the most inexpensive alternative on the market.

The improvements include an embossed S-5-mounting disk with a module guide, which makes module placement easier. The S-5-mounting disk also features four under-disk hooks to help with wire management and has strategically placed holes for zip tie connections. The S-5-PV grab now has broader ears, making installation easier and more precise. The mounting disk is universally directional, and the S-5-PV stud is longer to accommodate solar panel frame thicknesses from 32mm to 64mm.

S-5! has built a history of inventing and producing roof attachment solutions that exhibit strength and longevity that far exceed all other options in the industry. S-5! was founded by Rob Haddock, who, with 35 years as a roofing professional (contractor and consultant), was frustrated by products that were difficult to install or that performed poorly over time.

S-5! now leads the industry with a full line of attachment solutions for solar, HVAC, snow retention and enhanced wind uplift performance. You can review the S-5! product line by visiting the S-5! website.