For more than 50 years, Zumtobel is developing innovative and individual lighting solutions that fulfil every requirement as regards ergonomics, economic efficiency and environmental compatibility and create added value in terms of aesthetics. With company-owned sales organisations and commercial agencies in more than 70 countries, Zumtobel shows international presence at the customer’s site. The company, whose roots are in Vorarlberg, sets great store by international contacts to establish a worldwide network of experts and design partners within the lighting industry.

The emotional effects of light

With integral lighting solutions, Zumtobel creates lighting scenes which enable people to experience the interplay of light and architecture in all its diversity. Light unfolds its special creative power in an interplay with space and architecture. The combined use of luminaires, lighting management and emergency lighting systems corresponds to the architecture of a building and is matched to the application. It is the perfect combination of optimum lighting quality, technological innovation and design which makes the difference in creative power and added value of light.

Light creates a sense of well-being

To provide people with optimum lighting quality, Zumtobel explores the beneficial effects of light on health, continuously improving its utilisability. In this respect, the consumption of energy required for lighting has to be considered, too. The concept of balance between light for enhanced well-being and optimum energy efficiency adjusts the equilibrium between the two aspects within a lighting system: human light + energy efficiency = Humanergy Balance

The LED lighting age is dawning

As a leading supplier of professional lighting solutions, Zumtobel is also setting new standards in the field of LED-based lighting solutions. This applies in particular to application areas that extend far beyond the purely decorative use of LEDs. Although the initial emphasis was primarily on presentation, accent lighting and helping people find their way around by using defined colours and dynamic colour sequences, rapid improvements in luminous efficiency and lighting quality mean that LEDs are now increasingly widely used for general lighting. Video-compatible CIELOS LED lighting modules, LED spotlights and downlights such as TEMPURA and VIVO, the SUPERSYSTEM LED lighting system and the AERO II Hybrid office luminaire with its direct LED light component are just a few highlights of Zumtobel’s wide range of products for contemporary energy-efficient, dynamic lighting solutions.

ARCOS spotlight range (design by David Chipperfield).
Danish Radio Concert Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark.
AERO II Hybrid office luminaire (design by Chris Redfern, Sottsass Associati).
Hausladen engineering office, Kirchheim-Heimstetten, Germany.
Cité d’Architecture et du Patrimoine, Paris, France.