Well-known to snowboard and skateboard lovers: the Moreboards company runs more than 15 stores in Austria,
where aficionados will find everything around the
trendy sports of snowboarding and skateboarding.

With its new branch in Kufstein, Moreboards has also set standards in terms of saving resources. For the first time,
the complete lighting system has been implemented using
LED luminaires – including a Luxmate Emotion control system.
In retail areas in particular, luminaires need to have a
long service life, for this makes complicated and costly
replacement and storage of lamps redundant.

Boasting an average service life of 50,000 hours, LED luminaires are the perfect solution for this application.
Free from any UV and IR radiation, the light emitted
by the LED also guarantees gentle illumination of delicate
goods on display in shops.

For general lighting, eight square Careena LED luminaires
with an installed load of 52 W have been suspended.

The special feature of the CAREENA luminaires is their
defined mix of white and red LED light, creating a pleasant
colour temperature of 3500 K and perfect colour rendition.

Accent lighting is provided by Vivo LED spotlights, Tempura spotlights and LED light lines.

Thanks to the latest LED technology, Zumtobel’s Vivo LED
spotlights with 12 or 30 W can match the lighting level of 50 or 90 W low-voltage halogen lamps. Owing to the active
cooling module fitted in the spotlight housing, a service
life of up to 50,000 hours can be guaranteed. The Luxmate
Emotion control system enables easy control of brightness
and allows to set a variety of colours for the LED lines.

Three different lighting sequences have been programmed,
which can be called up at the press of a button. In the
process, the colours or brightness level can be changed individually at any time, allowing the young sales team to run dynamic colour sequences.

LED lighting significantly cuts maintenance costs and effort, and also reduces the heat produced by luminaires in the store. In summer in particular, this helps to cut the air-conditioning costs incurred.