From 5 March to 12 April 2010, “Concrete Works”, a collection of works by the Austrian architects’ studio Marte.Marte, will be on display at the Zumtobel Light Forum in Dornbirn. The exciting exhibition will present works and concepts designed by the Vorarlberg-based avant-garde architects. At the exhibition opening on 4 March 2010, following welcoming addresses by Reinhardt Wurzer (Zumtobel’s marketing director) and Kristin Feireiss of the Berlin-based architectural institute AEDES (the initiator of the exhibition), the theme and content of the exhibition will be presented by architecture critic Dr Jürgen Tietz.

The title “Concrete Works” is ambiguous: on the one hand, it stands for the highly concrete presentation of the implemented projects and concepts; on the other, it refers to concrete as a building material, a fascinating key element in the projects of the unusual architects’ studio. Integral and energy-optimised buildings featuring sophisticated lighting and orientation concepts play a major role in its work.

The first monographic exhibition of the works of the Austrian architects’ studio Marte.Marte Architekten puts the focus on the architects’ designs. The projects are mainly characterised by clear structures, consistent concepts and sculptural presence.

Many of their buildings fit into the surrounding historic context amazingly well, resuming existing structures with a large amount of self-evidence, taking into account both local traditions and modern creative design. Visitors will get an idea of the complex work of Marte.Marte Architekten, as the exhibition shows their concepts and visions as well as materials, interiors and exteriors, but also who is behind the projects.

The Dornbirn Light Forum is pleased to initiate, through this exhibition, another fascinating discussion on architecture. Subsequently, the exhibition will be on display at other Zumtobel Light Forums and Light Centres.

On weekdays, the exhibition can be visited between 9am and 5pm, upon previous notice. This Zumtobel Light Forum is on Schweizer Strasse 30 in Dornbirn, A-6851, Austria.