The panos infinity LED downlight and the opura
free-standing luminaire could not fail to win
over the jury of this year’s iF product design
award. The fact that these Zumtobel products
have won the coveted award once again emphasises
their high design standard as well as their lighting quality and efficiency.

Zumtobel’s Marketing Manager, Reinhardt Wurzer said: “We are very pleased about this international award. For
us, prizes like the iF product design award prove
that our products, which we usually develop
in close collaboration with renowned designers,
have the creative power needed to establish
new trends and set new standards.”

Entries for the famous design award included a
total of 2,765 products submitted by more then
1000 international competitors and 993 of these
products have won the award. Today, the iF
product design award counts among the most
important design labels worldwide. The jury includes
internationally recognised designers,
entrepreneurs and professors, who award the
prize to “outstanding designs by innovative
companies” each year. This also makes the
award a trendsetter with respect to new developments.

Panos Infinity LED downlight

The minimalist design of the panos infinity LED
downlight range and luminaire efficiency of up
to 77 lumens per watt show that high-quality
LED technology has now outperformed traditional
compact fluorescent lamps in terms of
efficiency and lighting quality. Christopher Redfern’s design demonstrates the opportunities provided by LED technology to create a new design language. The harmonious
transition between the LED lighting chamber
and the reflector makes the light source invisible.
Fitted with a considerably reduced
cover ring, the downlight blends harmoniously
into the architecture.

The performance of the luminaire system,
which has no equal on the market, is achieved
through a unique combination of special technologies,
top-quality materials and technical
lighting know-how. Its high lighting quality at a
stable colour temperature of 3000K or 4000K,
as well as excellent colour rendition in excess of
Ra90 have set standards in terms of high-quality
lighting solutions. The downlight range is
now also available with a colour temperature that can be
dynamically adjusted from 2700K
to 6500K.

Opura free-standing luminaire

The opura free-standing luminaire combines
state-of-the-art lighting technology with an upmarket
appearance. The design of opura cannot
fail to impress with its particularly smooth
stylistic idiom. The free-standing luminaire looks
as if it is made of one piece, with a completely seamless
luminaire head and without visible material
transitions. Moreover, the soft-touch control
panel provides maximum convenience.

This free-standing luminaire is the first to allow
separate control of the indirect and direct components.
The design-oriented luminaire developed
by Peter Andres and ON Industriedesign is
available in three different versions: as an LED only
version, as a hybrid model or fitted with
compact fluorescent lamps. All models of opura
feature a high-quality MPO+ micro-prismatic
optic that prevents annoying glare on displays.
It is also possible to integrate a daylight-based
lighting control system, ensuring maximum energy

The award-winning products will be presented
at the 2011 iF product design award exhibition
in Hanover and from 1 March to June 2011 all
those interested can take a look at iF’s
award-winning products.