Façade lighting featuring multi-media effects attracts attention and conveys messages. Zumtobel’s Capix LED chain is an attractive
solution to enhancing the appeal of areas and objects indoors as well as outdoors. Thanks to state-of-the-art LED technologies, Capix is not only able to produce a variety of colours and colour sequences, but also to run complete video sequences and messages on façades.

The Capix LED chain provides illumination of façades using customised multi-media effects. Capix consists of individual LED pixels
and a combination of data and supply cables. The LED pixels are fixed onto an ordinary wire mesh, latticework or even directly on the surface. Thus, the LED light points linked in a chain perfectly encompass the building or object. The client can independently define the distance between individual LED light points as well as the length of the entire Capix chain. Capix is also highly flexible in terms of maintenance: the LED pixels boasting a service life of 30,000 hours can be replaced individually.

Each pixel incorporates three RGB LEDs, so that Capix provides brilliant brightness even over wide distances. Combined with an intelligent video control system, the Capix LED chain not only provides design options with respect to colours, but can also run complete video sequences, which allows the implementation of exciting lighting effects, fascinating colour interplay and dynamic images and messages on the facade.