Design and lighting effects are tuned to the same wave-length in Zumtobel’s new Ondaria circular luminaire. With its soft outlines and the even silhouette, Ondaria flexibly blends into any interior – the design speaks for itself.

The uniformly illuminated circular luminaire has excited users with pleasant general lighting that ensures a harmonious ambience in lobbies and foyers, in communication areas and lounges as well as corridors and staircases. Ondaria is available as an LED-luminaire or fitted with standard light sources. The luminaire provides evidence of
its flexibility by its three design sizes as well as the fact that it can be either recessed, surfacemounted or pendant-mounted.

Despite its strictly geometrical basic design, Ondaria presents itself as a luminaire without any edges. “The luminaire’s concave surface, which is slightly recessed, adds up to a perfectly circular design, creating a special effect of three-dimensionality and depth,” describes designer Stefan Ambrozus the newest Zumtobel luminaire.

Pleasant ambient lighting, which is distinctive for Ondaria, is provided by its direct lighting component – through the opal diffuser, soft uniform light enters the room, creating a pleasant atmosphere. Where Ondaria is recessed into the ceiling, its indirect component slightly brightens up the ceiling, visually reducing the luminaire’s height. Ondaria’s soft curves harmoniously blend into a wide variety of interior designs – not only in prestigious areas, but also in offices. This is due to the luminance-reducing optic (LRO optic), available for the medium design size, which allows perfect glare limitation and light distribution, even at computer workstations.

Another asset of Ondaria: the luminaire can be conveniently dimmed and controlled via the tried-and-tested dim2save or LDE concept. Ondaria follows the spirit of time, which means that it is available with conventional light sources and also as an LED-version with stable white light. Thanks to efficient LED-technology, the connected power can be reduced by as much as 58%, providing a pleasantly intermediate light colour of 4000K and a very high colour rendition quality of Ra > 80. As an LED-version, the circular luminaire does not differ in visual terms from the models fitted with fluorescent lamps. Owing to the LED’s long service life of 50,000hr and stable colour temperature technology, Ondaria LED is practically maintenance-free.

Ondaria can be installed as a recessed or surface-mounted version and as a pendant luminaire. The opal panel is inserted from below, without the use of any tools. The luminaire can be suspended flexibly, using a cord suspension
assembly, 2m or 4m long. For recessed installation, a separate mounting frame is available for all three diameters. An extra mounting kit makes installation easy.