The recently opened Maxi Mode Center in Varna, Italy, provides a new shopping experience for all of South Tyrol. The shopping centre is well-known for its huge range of branded products including toys, clothes and food. In order to enhance the stylish furniture and fixtures fitted in the new shoe and toy departments, the clients opted for an innovative lighting solution by Zumtobel.

The new Discus spotlight range cannot fail to impress with its advanced, minimalist design language: the 35W or 70W track-mounted or ceiling-recessed models of the Discus spotlight provide an integral and efficient lighting solution for retail spaces. In addition to its expressive design, the spotlights boast outstanding lighting effects.

For the 500m² toy department as well as for the spacious shoe department of the Maxi Mode Center, a contemporary room and lighting concept has been implemented. Slotlight light lines ensure uniform ambient lighting, while Discus spotlights provide flexible accent lighting of the goods displayed.

Thanks to their flat, low-profile design, the Discus spotlights made of die-cast aluminium blend perfectly into any architecture. Although the Discus spotlights has been especially designed for use with LEDs, the models fitted with 20W to 70W compact high-pressure discharge lamps are available in the same design language and size as well. Thus, the track-mounted and ceiling-recessed versions of the spotlight system allow the implementation of lighting solutions fitted with state-of-the-art light sources in a consistent design.

In the toy department, the luminaires have been installed flush with the ceiling, while in the shoe department, the challenge was to cope with the low recessed depth of 4cm. Here, the light lines have been semi-recessed into the ceiling. Although the Discus spotlights have been mounted on recessed tracks, they can still be flexibly rotated through 360° and pivoted through 90°. Due to the interplay of general lighting and accent lighting, the retail areas are given a pleasant and lively character that arouses people’s
curiosity and attracts their attention. Perfect safety is ensured as well: compact and
efficient Resclite LED emergency luminaires ensure sufficient lighting in emergencies. Thanks to its compact design, the system blends discreetly into the ceiling.