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Zinc for Roofing, Cladding, Facades, and Interior and Exterior Design

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NedZink is a Dutch-based company that is part of the leading international holding company Koramic Investment Group. NedZink is known as a stimulator of durable and technically high quality zinc applications for roofing, cladding, façades, exterior and interior design. NedZink has been working with zinc for more than 100 years. Not only is NedZink the first producer of rolled construction zinc with quality assurance according to NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008, NedZink also produces an A-quality material in combination with the durability and natural beauty of titanium zinc.

Zinc for roofing, cladding, facades, and interior and exterior design

Structured zinc, zinc composite and light grey and black prepatinated titanium zinc are innovations engineered by NedZink.

NedZink NATUREL, NedZink NOVA, NedZink NOIR, NOVA COMPOSITE and NOVA STRUCTURE are NedZink brands that excel in these domains.

As a trading partner NedZink is a provider of quality and service. Flexibility, personal communication and service to architects, developers and contractors are typical key factors for NedZink. With sales offices in Europe and Worldwide distribution by local agents, NedZink is available near you.

Structured zinc, zinc composite and light grey and black prepatinated titanium zinc are innovations engineered by NedZink.
As a natural product zinc can be organically combined with other materials.
By pre-weathering titanium zinc in the production NedZink obtains already from the beginning a uniform surface, ideally for high quality applications.
NedZink products allow different ways of using zinc.

Zinc for creative applications in traditional and modern architecture

As a natural product zinc can be organically combined with other materials. This increases the creative challenge to incorporate this building material in the high quality aura of both traditional and modern architecture. Taut lines, luxurious roundings, minute details or large gestures: anything is possible with zinc. As a result, the architect is not restricted with the conception of creative zinc applications as a building material in roofs and façades, for exterior and interior design, in homes or utility buildings.

Zinc for roof and facade cladding

Zinc is a durable, maintenance free and aesthetic material that in the course of time develops a unique charm by the progressive patina on roof and facade cladding. The patina layer originates by the formation of a zinc carbonate base, which forms an oxide skin that is also a natural protective coating.

By pre-weathering titanium zinc in the production NedZink obtains already from the beginning a uniform surface, ideally for high quality applications. There is a choice between the medium-grey surface of NedZink NOVA or the charcoal-like anthracite NedZink NOIR. Both of these colours are obtained from a chemical surface treatment following the rolling process.

Titanium-zinc construction products

NedZink NATUREL (NTZ): is a durable, aesthetic, economical and maintenance-free building material that becomes increasingly attractive over the years under the influence of the weather conditions. It will last forever. NedZink products allow different ways of using zinc.

NedZink NOVA®: pre-weathered uniform light medium grey zinc for an immediate aesthetically high quality application.

NedZink NOIR®:pre-weathered charcoal-like anthracite zinc, the ideal combination with slate, brick or glass;

NedZink NOVA STRUCTURE® structured zinc which can be easily used in facades, interior design and furniture.

NedZink NOVA COMPOSITE®, a composite panel of two layers of zinc with a layer of polyethylene in between, which is self-coloured, rigid and perfect for cassettes, large facades with a perfect flatness and the look of natural pre-weathered titanium zinc. NedZink NOVA COMPOSITE is also for exterior furniture, signs and displays, flower containers, kitchen and bathroom applications etc.

NedZink NOVA Pro-Tec®, is ideal for hot roof constructions or non-ventilated applications due to a protective coating on the back side.

Environmentally friendly zinc contruction products

Zinc substantially helps the preservation of our environment. Moreover, it is an essential natural element for mankind, animals and plants. Thanks to the reduced acidity of rainwater, the already considerable life of construction zinc is becoming increasingly longer. Because zinc is at least 98% recyclable, the original metal can be used time and time again without losing its properties. This cuts the energy demand over the whole life cycle for reproduction, as well as emission quantities and waste.

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