NedZink NOVA STRUCTURE is a unique performance that opens up completely new horizons for planners and architects. With NedZink NOVA STRUCTURE it is possible to make a personal distinction in the design of high quality and attractive metal cladding solutions, outside for structures such as roofs and façades and inside for various design applications.

NedZink NOVA STRUCTURE is pre-patinated ‘NedZink NOVA’ zinc with a surface structure available in different exciting patterns. Due to the process of rolling and smoothing with imprint rollers, the surface of NedZink NOVA is provided with a subtle surface structure on both the top side and the bottom side of the material.

More and more creative architects explore the unprecedented opportunities for exterior applications of NedZink NOVA STRUCTURE. But it doesn’t end there. The pre-patinated motif can also be used for the interior of houses, shops, offices and commercial buildings. The variety of structural motifs makes it possible to create projects with a visual and aesthetic added value. And the consistently uniform high quality ensures that the effects of NedZink NOVA STRUCTURE are always sustainable. NedZink NOVA STRUCTURE, step outside your imagination.