NedZink is continuously innovating and introducing new products, including the beautiful NedZink NOVA tailored to your needs with a special Pro-Tec protective coating on the back side.

This layer protects the natural zinc against the effects of water vapour and other substances. For this reason, NOVA Pro-Tec is extremely well-suited to unventilated applications in new constructions and renovations.

In addition to protection against water vapour and other substances, NedZink NOVA Pro-Tec also protects against wear during assembly.

On its front surface, NedZink NOVA Pro-Tec is delivered standard with an anti-fingerprint coating. This layer prevents finger prints from marring the surface during assembly. A plastic foil can also be applied to the anti-fingerprint coating as an additional protection against possible damage or soiling during processing, if desired.

Due to the protection it provides against water vapour, NedZink especially recommends NOVA Pro-Tec for unventilated applications. These applications include projects where the zinc is mounted on a hot roof system.