Quality and innovation are the driving force of NedZink. That is why we constantly seek new openings in the application of construction zinc. By doing so we concentrate on the future. As a material, zinc has a centuries-old tradition. By applying the existing product in new forms, it remains as fascinating and inspiring as a new discovery. The prepatinated titanium zinc NedZink NOIR fits perfectly into this philosophy. It is our newest outstanding innovative product that is opening a wide variety of possibilities for modern, aesthetic building practice. Because of its exquisite anthracite black colour.

Protective foil ensures optimal appearance

The beautiful black colour of NedZink NOIR is created by a chemical surface treatment following the rolling process. During the production all the characteristics of the titanium zinc are of course fully retained. NedZink NOIR is a colour variant of pre-weathered zinc titanium, just like NedZink NOVA. Therefore NedZink NOIR is mainly used for aesthetically high-quality applications (for example façades and roofs). To protect the products NedZink NOIR is provided with a temporary protective film and additionally with a removable protective foil. This prevents minor damage and soiling during processing and assembly, and ensures an optimal appearance after application.

New horizons for cladding solutions

NedZink NOIR has a high-quality appearance. This unique look and feel opens up completely new horizons for planners and architects designing high-quality metal cladding solutions. In co-operation with the professional wholesale trade, NedZink has given itself the objective of helping and supporting planners and architects as well as future building owners and clients with the use of titanium zinc. So if you prefer truly dark zinc, we recommend NedZink NOIR.