A new concept from NedZink is now available which can be used in numerous cladding, roofing and interior applications. NedZink NOVA COMPOSITE is a versatile material with a layer of rigid polyethylene between two layers of NedZink NOVA, which gives the aesthetics of pre-weathered zinc with high levels of flatness and rigidity.

Designed for purpose

The fabrication method of NedZink NOVA COMPOSITE make it perfect for forming cassette panels, column casings and signage. As a purpose made material it offers the ability to produce numerous shapes and forms in exterior cladding. With dynamic aesthetics which offers the designer and architect complete freedom to express concepts with varied techniques.

Combining natural patina and modern techniques

Natural zinc is known for it’s naturally formed self healing patina, which can take several years to achieve. NedZink NOVA COMPOSITE offers this attractive patina instantly and when exposed to the elements its patina develops further. When using NedZink NOVA COMPOSITE you have selected a maintenance free material which offers superb aesthetics, the highest level of flatness and the flexibility of a modern material.