NedZink will be attending the annual trade fair in Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, which takes place on 7-12 February. The events are the International Building Fair and the materials event Material Xperience, which will run side by side. The biennial building fair is the meeting place for building in the Netherlands and this time the slogan is ‘Bouwen doen we samen’ (‘We build together’). Architects, interior designers, creative professionals and producers find their platform at Material Xperience with the theme ‘adding value’. NedZink will be present at both events.

Futureproof building

During the International Building Fair, NedZink can be found in the sustainability pavilion. Under the theme of ‘designers’ delight’, the sustainability pavilion directs itself towards the architect of the sustainable future connecting closely with the new concept of the benchmark façade systems. Newly acquired knowledge can be converted directly into concrete facade cladding concepts. Futureproof building with respect for man and nature.

Product experience

Apart from the International Building Fair, NedZink is also taking part in the inspirational materials event Material Xperience. This event is a platform for architects, interior designers, creative professionals and producers where they can obtain information, knowledge and inspiration about innovative materials. Using various media, people and materials are brought into contact. The theme of the materials event is ‘adding value’. After all, a correct choice of materials gives the product a project added value. Participants such as NedZink are invited to exhibit their newest materials or specially materialised products here. The experience of a product or material is central to Material Xperience.