The driving force of NedZink is quality and innovation. We constantly concentrate on the future and seek new openings in the application of construction zinc. One of our outstanding innovative products is NedZink NOVA. This prepatinated titanium zinc is especially made for modern, aesthetic building practice. The secret of NedZink NOVA lies in her natural, attractive beauty due to her uniform medium-grey surface. No wonder that this material is applied in many European reference projects.

Surface protection for optimal appearance

The medium-grey surface of NedZink NOVA originates after a chemical surface treatment following the rolling process, without applying a coating or lacquer layer. During the production of NedZink NOVA the structure and composition of the patina layer that is normally naturally formed by weather influences, is simulated.

The natural properties of the titanium zinc are fully retained. NedZink NOVA is mainly used for aesthetically high-quality applications (for example façades), therefore the product is provided with temporary surface protection. This protection prevents minor damage and soiling during processing and assembly and ensures an optimal appearance after application.

Advanced prepatination line

To have a natural grey shade from the beginning, NedZink has developed a highly-advanced prepatination line using our practical knowledge from the past. After all zinc has a centuries-old tradition and by constantly applying the existing product in new forms, it remains as fascinating and inspiring as a new discovery. And NedZink NOVA is just one of our striking examples of such a new opening in the market.