Andrew Moor Associates is an architectural glass design consultancy company that deals with every stage of design and production, from concept to completion. Each commission is treated as a unique undertaking, working with both established and emerging designers.

The company’s founder, Andrew Moor, specialises in helping artists, architects and interior designers realise their ideas in glass. He is an expert in assessing and advising as to what can be done with glass to add imagery and colour to its surface.

Glass-decoration techniques for buildings and public spaces

We embrace every technique to find ways of creating beauty in buildings and public spaces. This includes screen-printed enamelled glass, fritted glass, digitally printed film on glass, coloured laminated glass, dichroic glass, stained glass, etched glass, bonded glass and slumped glass. Some projects involve a blending of many of these different techniques.

Public art and glass artwork consultancy

If you wish advice on procuring a public art feature, or commissioning a glass artwork, we are enormously experienced in the various options, the techniques available and how to achieve the optimum result for a specific context.

40 8m (27ft) dichroic glass fins surround this refurbished office building in London's Soho.
Bright red glass rods turn unsightly structural columns into design features.
A backlit glass feature in Heddon Street.
A 9m-tall curved glass screen at the Smith Klein Beecham medical research facility in Harlow, UK.

Glass art designers and artists

Most projects start as a gleam or idea in the mind of a client or architect. Our job is to help to realise that idea and create designs that fulfil the aspirations of our clients. We work with a number of different designers and artists to achieve very varied results to match the customer’s requirements, both aesthetically and in terms of the techniques and materials used.

Project management for glass artworks

Andrew Moor has been project-managing glass artworks since 1984, ranging in scale from 1,000m² shopping centre roofs, to partition screens in offices, to wall-mounted coats of arms for colleges.

Glass art experts and consultancy

Mr Andrew Moor is known throughout the world as an expert in the field of glass art. He has written three books about architectural glass art that have sold throughout the world, and has lectured in many countries. In the UK he has given seminars at most large architectural and design practices about what can and has been done with glass, artistically.