Andrew Moor was a keynote speaker at the Glass And Gazing In The 21st Century Conference, held at MIT in Boston, Massachusetts, at the end of March 2010.

The conference was sponsored by Technology and Conservation, Massachusetts Institue of Technology, the Dept of Architecture and the Boston Society of Architects.

Andrew Moor was there to speak on the latest technologies being used to add colour and imagery to glass.

The Conference had speakers from all over the US and several from Europe. The speakers covered an enormous range of topics, particularly in the increasingly specialised fields of energy conservation and advanced high performance glass. Andrew Moor’s talk addressed some of the interface between reducing solar gain and solar glare and the use of imagery on glass. He showed examples of works done using the latest technologies which enormously reduce the cost of adding both colour and images to glass, which can be used for contexts as diverse as facades and shower screens.