Austrian construction company STRABAG has won a €110m contract for the Triiiple building construction project in Vienna.

Under the contract, which was awarded by Soravia and Are Development, three 100m-high residential towers will be built near the city centre.

The first and second tower will feature 480 owner-occupied flats, while the third tower will have 670 micro-apartments.

Strabag CEO Thomas Birtel said: “In the previous year, we experienced a growth of 11% on our Austrian home market. This exciting project of the architects Henke Schreieck is an absolute highlight, even on this very dynamic construction market here in Vienna.”

“This exciting project of the architects Henke Schreieck is an absolute highlight.”

The three towers will be built as reinforced concrete skeleton structures, and these protruding structures are expected to create a technical challenge. To address this challenge, the company will build massive scaffolds for load transfer during the construction process.

The construction work of the towers is scheduled to begin in August, and its completion is slated by summer 2021.

Through its Romanian subsidiary, Strabag won a €39m contract in March to build a 110m-tall LEED-certified office tower in central Bucharest.

This office tower will feature 28 floors with a total usable space of 40,800m². Completion of the tower is scheduled for October 2019.

Strabag SE delivers construction services and has around 73,000 employees. It generates an annual output volume of more than €14bn.

It has many subsidiaries across Europe and other continents.