RECOM Lighting

RECOM Lighting provides high-quality driver solutions to a variety of integrator and luminaire manufacturers. The company’s extensive portfolio includes AC and DC input control gear, with either constant current, constant voltage or dual mode outputs up to 150W.

The portfolio also features fixed outputs, and drivers that can be dimmed with 0V-10V, 1V-10V, PWM, and DALI control signals. RECOM Lighting offers triac-dimmable drivers (leading-edge or trailing-edge control), as well as a triac wall dimmer, especially designed for LED loads.

RECOM DC / DC LED driver modules are available in surface mounted (SMD), through-hole or wired packages. Decades of experience in industrial power supplies have given RECOM an excellent position to supply both standard and custom lighting driver products. As with all RECOM products, the LED drivers are certified to international safety and EMC standards, such as CE, CB, UL8750 and ENEC.

RECOM Lighting provides a number of compact AC / DC LED drivers from 3W up to 150W. Standard features include active power factor correction, accurate output currents and dual mode CV / CC outputs.
RECOM's products include fixed outputs, as well as drivers that can be dimmed with 0V-10V, 1V-10V, PWM, resistor or DALI control signals.
RECOM offers triac-dimmable LED drivers (leading-edge or trailing-edge control), as well as especially designed triac wall dimmer for LED loads.
RECOM Lighting currently offers a variety of DALI products, including a DALI converter offering a switch-selectable 0V-10V / 1V-10V or PWM output control signal, with an auxiliary relay output and a DALI bus power supply.
RECOM recently released a new LED driver range designed for 15W-46W high-power COB-LEDs with a forward voltage of up to 44VDC.
RECOM Power produces a huge range of DC/DC converters. RECOM Lighting also offers DC / DC LED drivers. RCD and RBD products offer constant current outputs, from 300mA up to 1,200mA.
All LED drivers produced by RECOM meet EMC standards and international safety certifications.

Compact and dimmable AC / DC LED drivers for worldwide mains supply voltages

RECOM Lighting offers a broad range of compact AC / DC LED drivers, with 115VAC and 230VAC mains inputs, universal input range 90VAC-264VAC inputs, or extra wide universal inputs, from 90VAC-295VAC or 90VAC-305VAC. Drivers are available to match all worldwide mains power supply voltages.

AC-input LED drivers can also be operated from high-voltage DC inputs for emergency back-up lighting applications. The drivers are available from 3W up to 150W, with standard features such as active power factor correction, accurate output currents, and dual mode CV / CC outputs.

The dimmable versions are available with three-in-one dimming inputs, compatible with analogue (0V-10V or 1V-10V), variable resistor and PWM dimming. All LED drivers can reduce light over a 10%-100% range and many support deep dimming ranging from 0.1% to 100%.

LED drivers are available in a variety of case styles (square, thin, low profile, round shape), as well as in plastic or metal housings, with or without potting to give ingress protection (IP) of up to IP67 (total protection against dust and immersion protection between 15cm and 1m), for use in outdoor or wet areas. Ballasts can either be built-in to luminaires, or used externally as independent LED drivers.

Wide-range, low-consumption DC / DC LED drivers for railway rolling stock

RECOM Power manufactures an extensive range of DC / DC converters, so it is no surprise that RECOM Lighting also offers DC / DC LED drivers. The RCD and RBD family offers constant current outputs from 300mA up to 1200mA.

With the RCD series’ buck topology and the RBD series’ buck-boost topology, these modules offer useful specifications such as high-efficiency (up to 97%), wide input voltage range, very low dropout voltage, two independent and combinable dimming inputs (PWM and analogue), very low standby consumption, MTBF up to 600,000 hours and three package options.

The DC/DC drivers are CE, CB, and UL8750 certified, as well as having EN50155 certifications for use in railway rolling stock.

LED drivers designed for high-power environments in independent and built-in installations

RECOM recently released a new LED driver family, designed to drive high power COB-LEDs with a forward voltage up to 44VDC. The non-dimmable versions come with fixed output currents between 350mA and 1,050mA, and the dimmable versions have 350mA, 700mA or 1,050mA outputs.

These 230VAC mains-powered LED drivers operate with efficiencies of up to 90%, feature active PFC, and are fully protected against short circuit, output overvoltage, open-circuit and over-temperature conditions. The LED drivers are suitable for both independent and built-in installations (Class I and Class II luminaires), and for installations inside furniture.

Customised lighting products

RECOM Lighting has its own landing pages within the main RECOM website, listing all of the products available.

Included are useful tools, such as an LED driver configurator, allowing users to select commonly available LED types and enter the required drive current and number of LEDs in the string, so that the calculator can suggest suitable drivers to match the specifications.

The RECOM Lighting pages also include a useful A-Z glossary of lighting terminology. RECOM is a CREE LED solution provider and an OSRAM LED Light for You certified partner.


Quality takes priority at RECOM Lighting. Every product is subjected to stringent quality checks before entering the market. In order to maintain total control over the entire production process, RECOM manufactures at two ISO9001 certified sites in Taiwan, RECOM Manufacturing Ltd for assembly and RECOM Technology Ltd for SMD production.

Due to the high quality of the LED drivers, they have an exceptionally long working life. The design lifetime often exceeds 75,000 hours (more than eight years), with the aim that the LED ballast should at least last as long as the LED itself. RECOM ensures this with warranties of up to five years.

RECOM is a member of DALI, and actively promotes the DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) lighting control system. DALI products currently available from RECOM Lighting are a DALI converter offering a switch-selectable 0-10V/1-10V or PWM output control signal with an auxiliary relay output and a DALI bus power supply. New digital control lighting products are currently being developed.

RECOM Lighting products are available either directly from RECOM or from international distribution partners.