Glazing Vision is Europe’s leading supplier of all types of innovative glass rooflight solutions. Whether the need is for natural daylight or roof terrace access, whether fixed, hinged or sliding, Glazing Vision provides the most comprehensive glass skylight range. We can cater for your requirement with either an off the shelf rooflight design or an innovative bespoke glass roof solution designed to meet your specific requirements.

Glazing Vision has developed innovative products using minimum framework resulting in maximum daylight. These include modular fixed rooflights that can be used on flat or pitch roofs, or even on an eaves or ridge, recent projects have involved incorporating venting options also.

Our market leading standard range of sliding rooflights are available at reduced lead times and our bespoke design team are constantly thinking outside the box to deliver impressive results.

Fixed glass rooflights

Our Flushglaze fixed rooflight have been imitated by many a competitor but none have been able to match the flexibility of design that means that the rooflight can be made in any size, to any shape and incorporated anywhere on a building. Whether the need for a bespoke shape, circular, triangular or even wall mounted the Flushglaze has been manufactured to suit.

Flushglaze Fixed Rooflight. A fixed Rooflight used throughout the World to maximize natural daylight into homes, businesses and public buildings such as schools. A rooflight that can be shaped to suit any rooflight configuration, whether the need for square, rectangular, circular or even a triangular any shape can be molded to suit. The Flushglaze Rooflight can also be manufactured as a walk on, in modular glazing, eaves and ridge rooflights.
Saville Gardens Visitors Centre. A great place to showcase our glass rooflight range as they have one of our multipart Flushglaze rooflights, a number of Visionvent hinged rooflights and a couple of sliding over fixed Orion rooflights.
Bespoke Design and Manufacture. For when standard rooflights just won’t do, we have a team of trained designers at Glazing Vision who will turn any rooflight ideas into engineering masterpieces. Collins Theatre, Islington wanted a rotating central pivoting rooflight, as you can see by the picture what they got was quite stunning!

With modular options for large glazing areas and incorporation of Visionvents for ventilation, we can now boast a product that has been used successfully around the World and its popularity continues to grow.

Hinged glass rooflights

Our Visionvent rooflight comes in many variants: as a manual hinged rooflight, electric hinged for ventilation, or part electric/ part manual maintenance access vent. We also manufacture a maintenance access hatch to standard sizes. With concealed motors and maximum daylight with minimum framework the Visionvent was one of the first flat roof rooflights with a recommended minimum pitch of only three degrees.

Sliding glass rooflights

Our range of sliding rooflights is unprecedented in the market place, and using our philosophy of minimum framework resulting in maximising daylight we have produced some of the most spectacular sliding rooflights for the most prestigious of clients. Our bespoke design team excel in producing bespoke sliding rooflight solutions.

Bespoke glass rooflights

Where there’s a rooflight requirement Glazing Vision will endeavour to find a solution. This philosophy has led us into designing rooflights for boats (for severe weather conditions), above courtyards (where water tightness is less of an issue) and even to satisfy requirements for the Jewish Succah festival (part electric/part manual operation).