The Flushglaze Tripleglazed Glass Rooflight boasts the lowest U-value for any glass rooflight on the market with an achievable centre pane U-Value of 0.77 W/m²K. The glass is made up of 46mm triple glazed unit which is silicone sealed and bonded into the aluminium framework.

The Flushglaze Tripleglazed variant is also available in various shapes and sizes, it can be manufactured in one section up to 5.2m² and for larger requirements the units can be joined together using silicone joins or back to back angles or Glass fins dependent upon application and rooflight width.

Jon Shooter (Glazing Vision Marketing Director) says: “The beauty of the product is that you can achieve an amazing thermal performance without compromising on aesthetics, as the framework is all external, when you look up you can only see glass, we call it a sky only view, customers requesting this rooflight have been mainly domestic users looking to bring down the U-Value envelope of the product, we are proud to be offering a product that can help people achieve their design goals while helping the environment”

Glazing Vision has installed many glass rooflights throughout the world using many different glazing solutions whether domestic or commercial. The Tripleglazed rooflight can be found on many eco friendly homes throughout the country.