The festivities may well be over and the economic outlook is decidedly cloudy but that hasn’t stopped Glazing Vision, the original frameless glass rooflight manufacturer, posting it’s best year to date and nor are their expectations diminished to achieve even more throughout this new year.

The domestic (UK) market has been very strong, particularly amongst the bespoke new build sector, which has seen a noticeable increase in designers, architects and specifiers choosing to work with Glazing Vision, whilst the company have also been very encouraged by their successes further afield including projects in North America, Middle East and Europe. Unlike many British companies exporting, the fluctuating value of sterling against other currencies has actually been very helpful, mainly because Glazing Vision are still a true British manufacturing company; wholly self sufficient and not reliant upon importing products or components before then exporting them again. It has also allowed overseas customers to benefit because of the exceptional value the exchange rate has afforded them, particularly against the Euro, and has undoubtedly been a factor when someone has specified a rooflight from one of the Glazing Vision ranges for the first time.

From fixed rooflights, hinged rooflights, sliding roofllights. Pyramid, boxed or hexagonal, Glazing Vision remains committed to developing innovative products to provide enviably stylish and highly practical solutions for just about every conceivable rooflight application, whether it is for architectural lighting, ventilation or access they have both the experience and expertise to make the vision a reality.